HCG Metabolic Diet

The hCG metabolic diet is a medically managed program. It involves both weight loss and detoxification. hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a glycoprotein found naturally in the body and has been shown to help metabolize fats and boots the body’s metabolic rate, while promoting an increased blood circulation.

Justin Hollignsworth

Justin lost an amazing 48.5 pounds using out hCG metabolic diet!

Weight loss on the hCG metabolic diet is safe and comfortable because hCG is uniquely able to trigger the release of visceral fat deposits and makes them available to be used as fuel. HCG not only increases the body’s metabolism and promotes weight loss but it also targets the stored fat and spares lean muscle mass.

Benefits of hCG for weight loss:

  • Fat burning and muscle sparing
  • Rapid weight-loss compared to other diets
  • Redistributes fat
  • Increased metabolism
  • Decreased appetite
  • Maintains weight loss
  • No more yo-yo dieting frustrations
  • Targets visceral fat and problem areas

How does hCG work?

hCG triggers the hypothalamus, known as the “master gland”,  to release your abnormal fat stores and makes the fat available to be used as fuel for consumption by the body. As the metabolic diet protocol limits you to 500 calories per day, your body is utilizing the additional calories from your fat cells, which is the reason why there are no severe hunger cravings while on a very low calorie regimen and the patient is able to maintain muscle mass.

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