After getting off of Synthetic hormones prescribed by my OBGYN I realized how bad I felt. Dr. Ronderos doesn't just put a bandaid on your problem, she finds the root cause to your problem. I feel like a new person inside and out. I would recommend her to anyone who just feels sick and tired of being sick and tired!–

What every Doctor should be. Dr. Ronderos takes the time to make an accurate diagnosis and explains it in plain English. She loves her work and it shows.–

Very impressed with Dr. Ronderos! The facility is Spa inspired with friendly staff. I would definitely revisit.–

The office staff is very nice and knowledgeable. Dr. Ronderos is very professional. I have used her for Botox injections before. I have never had a problem and the results were excellent..–

Wonderful full service experience. The staff are very nice, prompt and professional. An overall great experience - better than any other place I have been..–

I've had treatment there in the past, they are very professional and caring about their patients. My results were awesome! They always call to check on you after a procedure. Highly recommend this place–

This facility and experience was amazing. I already scheduled my next visit..–